Transport, Day Tours & Surf Tours

     Bamboo Groove offers transportation to/from various nearby beaches and attactions, as well as, surf & adventure tours that can be organized on site.  We can accommodate groups of 2 to 8 people, and a surf photographer can be added for an additional cost.
   Tours are available to guests and non-guests alike.  However, all departures take place from Bamboo Groove, and our guests receive a 10% discount on all surf tours and day trips!

Transportation ONLY Options:
* Ubatuba, Praia Vermelha do Norte, Praia do Félix, Praia do Prumirim, Praia da Almada, Picinguaba, Praia do Camburi, Trindade, Paraty Mirim, Paraty.
Surf Tour Options (1/2 or Full day):
* Praia Vermelha do Norte, Praia do Félix, Praia da Fazenda, Praia Brava de Camburi, Praia do Cepilho (Trindade).
Full-Day Adventure Tour Options:

Prumirim: waterfall, beach & island tour. 

Departing at 8:00am, we arrive first at the waterfall of Prumirim to swim and explore. Next up is a short boat trip to the island just offshore.  A delicious lunch is included at a beachfront restaurant. Finally, we spend the afternoon at Prumirim's white sand beach, which has 2 river estuaries and several beach restaurants / bars.  We return to Bamboo Groove before sunset.

Praia Almada:  beach, trek & vista

Departing at 8:00am, we drive 30 minutes to arrive at Praia Almada, where we begin the 30 minute trek to Praia Brava da Almada to surf, sunbathe, or explore. We return to Praia Almada for lunch (included in price) at a beachfront restaurant, and the rest of the afternoon is to simply enjoy the beach.  We stop at a hilltop restaurant with spectacular views for a sunset beer or juice before returning to Bamboo Groove.

Ilha das Couves: island-hop & snorkeling

Departing at 8:00am, we arrive to the tranquil blue waters of Picinguaba, where we board fishing boats for the 15-minute ride out to Ilha das Couves.   The day is spent swimming, sunbathing, and exploring.  A bamboo and jungle surrounded path leads to little beachfront restaurant, where lunch (included in the price) is served. We return to Bamboo Groove just before sunset.

Trindade: chillaxin' tour

Departing at 8:00am, we arrive at Trindade by 9:00 to Praia Cepilho to surf or explore.  Next, we hike 45 minutes along the coast to natural swimming pools, before returning to Praia do Meio to spend the rest of the afternoon sunning on the beach, visiting a nearby waterfall, or checking out the little hippie town of Trindade.  Lunch is provided at a beachfront restaurant.  We return to Bamboo Groove before sunset.