The Property

       The philosophy of Bamboo Groove revolves around a core value of stewardship of the earth. As a result, we abide by the principles of permaculture in our coexistence with all the natural elements found on our 2.5 acres of hillside property.  From our terraced gardens to bamboo forest; fruit orchards to herb spirals; wild monkeys & sloths to domesticated dogs, goats & chickens - we attempt to find balance amongst diversity.  
        Life is sustained by both rain water and a nearby natural spring.  While energy is currently provided by the grid, we intend to work with solar energy in the near future.  Organic waste is composted into healthy, nutrient-rich topsoil that grows chemical-free, tasty ingredients for our Café & Bar.  
        Pre-existing cement structures have been preserved while future construction and furnishings are locally-made with renewable resources when possible.  When materials such as bamboo poles or palm thatch are needed, we simply go out back and harvest them.  In short, at Bamboo Groove we prefer to work with nature, rather than against it.  

       Guests staying at Bamboo Groove and clients of the café are encouraged to explore the grounds to learn more about the rewards of a permaculture lifestyle.  Those looking for a truly organic experience can set up a month-long (or longer!) work-exchange to really get their hands dirty!  And week-long permaculture workshops are also periodically offered. 

       As an additional service, we teach our principles and techniques to any local residents who are interested in learning them, as we believe local sustainability is THE fundamental ingredient for a healthy and flourishing community.