Community Opportunities

      Bamboo Groove invests itself back into the local community by offering above-average salaries and advancement training to our employees, free surf lessons to kids, and permaculture instruction to anyone who's interested!  
      We also create and manage a variety of opportunities for travelers with time on their hands and goodness in their hearts!  They are a great way get to know the local people and culture, leave a positive contribution in the community, and potentially save on the cost of housing. Those who elect to both Surf & Serve in Itamambuca eventually depart with memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.  These opportunities include:

Teaching English

One great way to give back to the community is to teach English to local adults or children.  Knowing English aids residents in their capacities to interact with foreign tourists, creating new entrepreneurial opportunities.  By stepping in to offer  regular lessons, you are contributing to their families and their futures!

English teachers must commit to at least one month of teaching (2-hours per day / 4 days per week) and receive 25% off of dormitory housing at Bamboo Groove.

Learning Portuguese

The best way, and perhaps the only way, to truly get to know the places we visit is to speak the local language. As a result, we encourage guests to sign up for Portuguese lessons by one of our trained local teachers.  It's a great opportunity to both learn the language and interact with someone from the community.

Lessons are sold in one-week or one-month blocks, and 80% of the salary goes directly to that instructor, while the remainder is reinvested in the language programs.



If you'd like to make an extended stay in Itamambuca without spending all your cash, you could consider a work exchange! In return for 5 hours per day / 5 days per week, travelers receive FREE dormitory housing at Bamboo Groove. 


Travelers must commit to at least 1 month, and areas available are: 

* gardener / laborer helper

* waiter / receptionist

* yoga / meditation instructor


Kids' Activities & Projects

If you are an educator or just enjoy working with children, you can create a project or run activities for local youth. Environmental, art, and sports activities are suggestions.  


Travelers must commit to at least one month of bi-weekly activities and will receive 25% off of dormitory housing at Bamboo Groove.